Modernize your factory with the Industrial IoT

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Modernize your factory with the Industrial IoT

To keep up in the ultra-competitive industrial landscape, organizations must decide: replace assets altogether, or modernize them to limit the impact of aging. Industrial IoT is one solution to modernize your assets. 


For most industrial organizations, replacing assets with state of the art machinery is not an option. While this modern machinery will deliver better performance and reliability than aging assets, it comes with massive upfront costs, and significant downtime as old assets are taken down and new ones installed. It may even require entirely new facilities and disruptive process changes. 

or Modernize 

Believe it or not, most assets have a lot of life left in them and replacing them may not be necessary. A small technology upgrade is often all that is needed to increase factory efficiency. This route entails using your existing machines, but adding sensor technology to capture data on key operating conditions. This data can then be analyzed to provide greater transparency and insight into your industrial environments. 

Choose to modernize with the Industrial IoT

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is built on synergies between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) that enables you to connect your physical assets to the digital world. With this technology, you can collect, send and act on data from industrial environments to fundamentally boost operational efficiency and production. 

Many industrial organizations are using the IoT to improve the health and performance of their existing assets and drive new operational insights that enable them to boost productivity. 

The IoT can help you:

  1. Proactively maintain aging assets
  2. Optimize the performance of aging assets 
  3. Increase process efficiency 

Implement the IoT and begin creating new value from your aging assets with MindSphere – the purpose built IoT platform from Siemens. MindSphere enables you to easily and securely connect both existing and new factory assets to gain real-time transparency into health and performance. 

Find out more in the “Modernize your factory – Create new value from aging plant assets” white paper sponsored by Siemens

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