Methods to Maximize Network Uptime in the Internet of Things Era

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Methods to Maximize Network Uptime in the Internet of Things Era

The next few years will be highly challenging for network administration professionals. We are looking at huge changes that will impact how things have always been performed. The future of your company and the way you network has several big themes: virtualization, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and quick network reorganization on demand, among others. As a networking professional, it will be your task to keep up with the future of networking.

On top of that, effective management of your network, cost-effective visibility in near real-time, and keeping your network availability high, will be key aspects to network value within your business. We published an eBook called “Maximizing Network Uptime. Making Your Network Visible in a More Demanding and Complex World” where we are going to look at network management and network visualization tools that provide high levels of information about your network in real-time. But more than that, we are going to look at the ways to use the information your network management software can provide, and how to justify the cost of visualizing your network operations.

These days and in the future, you will have to be able to operate your network at the highest level of efficiency and capability. Doing this will require doing some things differently, and with discipline.

It is unlikely any network consists of devices installed at the same time, from a single vendor. You are much more likely to have an “archaeological dig” of a network, with devices and connectors ranging from very old to middle-aged to relatively new. Chances are your switches, routers, other devices and appliances will all be of different vendors, models, and ages.

Changes in network architectures, operations, and usage, demand that you do things differently. After all, uptime is key.

In our eBook you will find out about the future of connectivity, and the challenges that new technologies and disruptive behaviors bring that changes the way networks must perform. Changes in network architectures, operations, and usage, demand new approaches and disciplines.

This eBook is not a technical document on network monitoring, rather it discusses the importance of making your network visible in a more demanding and complex world. It is designed to speak to network virtualization challenges, technology trends, emerging industry standards and best practices.

This informative eBook has been designed as a helpful resource. It provides insight into the constantly evolving information technology and operational technology areas. It aims to empower networking professionals to be prepared and keep up with the future of networking.

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Frank WilliamsFrank Williams is currently CEO of  Statseeker, a global provider of innovative network monitoring solutions for the IT enterprise and OT industrial market space.

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