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While wireless has been a part of networking for more than a decade, the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) will make significant changes in the way network architectures end up designed. Nowhere will those changes be more immediate or far-reaching than in

Not too long ago, ExxonMobil came out with a plan where hardware is “plug and play”, open source, and non-proprietary. Where, if a device fails, you can source a replacement from any supplier, and simply plug it in, and the

The percentage of businesses moving from a traditional physical infrastructure model to a cloud deployment model is increasing year, upon year. While public deployments are rising steadily, private deployments are skyrocketing, and across both, a hybrid deployment model is still accounting for

Malware attacks exploiting unprotected businesses can go undetected for months. Discover six ways in which you can future proof your network and protect from malware attacks. “There’s a concerning trend in these supply-chain attacks,” says Craig Williams, the head of Cisco’s

What will it take? Will Operational Technology (OT) disappear as we know it today - morphed into the Informational Technology (IT) space where both areas are driven by the same disruptive technology of the IoE (Internet-of-Everything)? A transformation of the

Before you can begin to improve your network, you need to have visibility into your network. In this post, Frank Williams, CEO of Statseeker, explains why network visibility is important, how it can help your business save money, the best practices

New challenges and technologies such as virtualization are disrupting networks everywhere, with many businesses struggling to remain agile. What is network virtualization? Network virtualization is the process of combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software based

The next few years will be highly challenging for network administration professionals. We are looking at huge changes that will impact how things have always been performed. The future of your company and the way you network has several big