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Your Cloud Ready Monitoring Solution

The percentage of businesses moving from a traditional physical infrastructure model to a cloud deployment model is increasing year, upon year. While public deployments are rising steadily, private deployments are skyrocketing, and across both, a hybrid deployment model is still accounting for the majority of business centric cloud use.

All recent research shares the opinion that this trend will continue and not only that, but also that the adoption rate of cloud deployments will continue to increase.

The reasons behind a decision to move some, or all, of your infrastructure and services to a cloud deployment model have remained largely the same:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Increased deployment and operational efficiency
  • Movement of expenditure from CapEx to OpEx

Whether or not to move to some version of a cloud deployment is a question that many businesses have faced and many more will be facing over the next few years. An additional question that these same businesses will be facing is ‘What are we going to do about network monitoring once some of our systems are cloud based?’.

Many cloud hosting services do provide some degree of monitoring functionality, but even the best of these pales when compared to a dedicated network monitoring solution, and rightly so. They offer limited monitoring solutions, with little to no flexibility or custom configuration options. They only monitor a subset of the metrics that you are interested in, only offer canned reports, roll-up your data and delete your history over time. But most importantly, a cloud hosts’ monitoring solution also only extends to the edge of their cloud.

If, like the vast majority of cloud deployed businesses, you are considering a hybrid implementation, then what are you going to do about monitoring the rest of your network?

You need a network monitoring solution which:

  • Offers the features, flexibility, and accountability that your business deserves
  • Can be deployed to a physical server or to a cloud hosting service
  • Once deployed, is scalable, and responsive to the potentially dynamic nature of your cloud based infrastructure
  • Can monitor the extent of your non-cloud deployed network, regardless of where the monitoring solution itself is deployed

You need Statseeker.

Over the last development cycle, we have been investigating cloud deployment options for the Statseeker product. During this time, we have been working with some of the major cloud hosting services to deliver a Statseeker deployment option configured for their environment, and offered direct from their marketplace or store-front. These Statseeker cloud deployment options are presenting higher performance metrics than standard, non-cloud based virtual deployments (on a similarly provisioned system), and scaling extremely efficiently when monitoring very large-scale networks.

  • Are you moving to the cloud and want monitoring that can scale as you do?
  • Are you already in the cloud and finding your cloud providers monitoring limiting?
  • Do you want to monitor your cloud, local and remote services from a single tool?

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Statseeker is the answer. Look for us now in Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, and coming soon to both the Microsoft Azure and OpenStack marketplaces.

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Frank WilliamsFrank Williams is the CEO of  Statseeker, a global provider of innovative network monitoring solutions for the IT enterprise and OT industrial market space. Frank holds a BSEE, augmented by many post graduate courses in management, leadership and technology. Originally this article was published here.