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With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), industries around the world are undergoing a major digital transformation. In their 2017 research, Capgemini reported that smart factories could contribute an annual added value of $500 billion to $1.5 trillion

There is no denying that we are well into the swing of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Early adopters of digitization are already seeing measurable benefits such as increased energy efficiency and quicker troubleshooting which is resulting in less downtime of their

The tsunami of IoT application expansion is not likely to abate in the foreseeable future. New capabilities from smart consumer services to industrial use cases incorporating machine vision and complex system management are added to the IoT ecosystem regularly. However,

One of the key goals of Industry 4.0 is business optimization, whether it’s from predictive maintenance, asset optimization, or other capabilities that drive operational efficiencies. Each of these capabilities is driven by data, and their success is dependent on having

The Roadmap To Digital Manufacturing Transformation Industry 4.0: Hype or Hope? Amid the hype surrounding Industry 4.0, IIOT, and digital transformation, the introduction of Industry 4.0 has caused a bit of a culture shock for manufacturers. The benefits of data-driven manufacturing are far too

Humans are both innovative and social beings leading to technological advances that are changing the way we interact. The desire to connect has inspired a global technological network linking people, data, and things. Traditionally, our conception of cloud - or Internet-based

In 1990, John Romkey connected the first ‘thing’ to the internet, a Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster. The seemingly odd experiment intended to prove the internet could be used to physically control an object, and it was successful. He used the internet

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an exciting period of innovation in our lives. It describes a world of devices all connected to the internet, a world in which inanimate technology that we use and see every day is becoming

Cities are bursting at their seams and to manage the urban sprawl the strategy has been simple – Go vertical! Tall buildings, elevated transportation, vertical farming, and now vertiports! All indications even at the recently concluded Uber Elevate Summit, point to one