How to Put IoT Into Action

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How to Put IoT Into Action

IoT has dominated the technology discussion in recent years, inspiring the imagination of the media, politics and the economy. While there was a lot of talk of possibilities and use case scenarios during this time, many companies are still struggling with the implementation.

On the whole, companies can work more productively, more cost-effectively and more flexibly with clouds. Using clouds, companies can get rid of the conventional, static data center with all its drawbacks. Especially companies in which the management of data centers is not a core competence benefit from cloud services.

  • How can the technical and business potential of IoT be
    realized at my company?
  • How do I successfully bring my business through the
    necessary transformation processes?
  • How does our company ultimately emerge as the
    winner of the digitization competition?

There are no standard answers to these questions. Every company faces its own challenges.

In this white paper, Syntax explores the rules and best practices that help companies put IoT into action and provide some tips for launching an IoT project.

Contents of the White Paper

  • Initial situation: Where companies are today
  • IoT becomes reality: What to do now
  • A look beyond the horizon
  • IoT: Why the digital twin is so important
  • What a digital twin looks like
  • Benefits of digital twins in manufacturing
  • Allow: The shift leader and the success of the design thinking model
  • The power of design thinking
  • Fail hard and fail fast
  • The cloud as an IoT enabler
  • Case Study: IoT innovation at VEM
  • The Outlook for IoT
  • 6 tips for an IoT implementation

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