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Regardless of whether you are retrofitting or purchasing new IT systems to remain competitive in manfacturing, you should develop a digitized, data-driven production strategy based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It’s important to recognize the collection and storage of production-relevant

Industrial Digital Transformation is happening, but the reality is that most companies are handling data on paper. To think about analytics on the shop floor, one of the first things to be done is to automate not only the process, but the data collection and

Currently, many companies view digital transformation as being technology-driven. Machine learning, cloud architecture, microservices, augmented reality, and IIoT platforms are just some of the technologies driving endless discussion among end users as well as fierce competition among solution providers. Often

Over the past 10 years we’ve watched cloud computing come of age as more and more companies send their data to the cloud for processing, storage, and management rather than keeping that data on a local server or Edge gateway.

After years of high and rising oil prices, the latest drastic drop in Oil prices put indebted Oil and Gas companies on credit rating agencies watch lists and resulted in some oil and gas companies going the traditional route of

As a concept, ‘ smart city ’ has been on the agenda for the last decade to make the cities more productive, more sustainable and ‘smarter.’ According to a survey, annual technology investments in cities will be USD 34.4 billion

It is still early innings for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the fourth industrial revolution has barely begun, yet organizations without a digital strategy are already falling behind. This trend toward more connectivity, data, computing, and technology will

Since publishing my book The Amazon Way in June 2014, I’ve collaborated with hundreds of teams and leaders, applying lessons from the book to their cultures and businesses. What I didn’t expect was the feedback, the energy – and quite frankly, the

A survey of senior-level, experienced Industrial IoT decision-makers and influencers in the manufacturing, oil and gas (O&G), and transportation industries confirms that IIoT has progressed beyond hype to widespread use. Eighty six percent of participants in the Bsquare 2017 Annual