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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Insight Assessment

The uniqueness of the a2i2 Industry 4.0 Insight Assessment … It places into context the pain points and opportunities in your business that must be resolved for achieving competitive advantage, strategic performance and business resilience. Leaders are looking for insights and pathways for action to identify and close gaps.

The 21st century business environment is one of technological innovation, hyper-intense competition and unprecedented disruption. Volatility … Uncertainty … Complexity … Ambiguity is the world we now live in. The inter-relatedness in global supply chains has created a new level of complexity. These disruptions and complexities are no longer outliers but are part of the business environment. Companies need to dynamically adapt and run at an entirely new level of agility and speed of business. Technology will play an important role. However, it is only one dimension of the People – Process – Technology system.

There are two distinct categories of People – Process – Technology capabilities.

  1. There are LINEAR approaches. There are business gaps that can be closed through being focused and disciplined in scaling existing capabilities. Processes are well understood. Technology is operational. People are ready. The company just needs to widely deploy or accelerate.
  2. There are TRANSFORMATIONAL approaches. The gaps which have the most impact on strategic impact, competitive advantage and disruption preparedness will require approaches that ‘bend the curve.’ That requires higher maturity or new capabilities with a new mindset.

The fundamental lesson that manufacturing leadership has learned … Achieving sustained step-changes in performance requires new People-Process-Technology capabilities, available yet new to your company. Manufacturing could not have achieved the sustained gains in quality without Total Quality Management and Six Sigma. Lean methodology makes possible sustained gains in cost, waste elimination and demand responsiveness. Automation, Information Technology and data analytics parallel the contributions of new improvement methodologies. The Toyota way introduced a new model for worker engagement and empowerment.

We have at our disposal a vast arsenal of capabilities. The a2i2 assessment is a first step for linking your strategic goals and manufacturing imperatives to a capability’s deployment roadmap.

Contents of the assessment

  • Setting the Stage for the Assessment
  • Overview of the a2i2 Industry 4.0 Insight Assessment
  • Respondent Profile
  • Key Findings
  • The a2i2 Model