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Listen to the PLM Quick 30 podcast to hear first-hand uncover the three pillars necessary to bring a simulated digital twin to reality as part of digital transformation. Below are some excerpts from the conversation between Ansys expert, Craig Miller, PhD, and Patrick

Now that technology has matured to a point where companies can implement a digital twin strategy that is cost-effective, it is a game-changer for manufacturers. In fact, 75% of organizations implementing IoT already use them or plan to within a year. What

UrsaLeo just announced the availability of four new demo models showcasing their 3D photorealistic digital twin capabilities. The stunning photorealistic visualizations allow anyone to test out the use of digital twin technology with the purchase of affordable sensors through

Equinor’s LNG facility on Norway’s Melkøya Island cools natural gas from the Barents Sea to minus 160 degrees Celsius, fills it into special tanks, and delivers it to ports around the world. To do this work, it particularly also uses

Industrialization has long been a central pillar of global economic development. Industrialized economies are strong, stable, resilient, highly skilled and globally competitive. It’s no surprise then that Middle Eastern countries have set their sights on industrialization as a key component

Today, the term Digital Twin is ubiquitous. Four years ago, I had my first personal contact with this concept. I attended the VDI conference “Big Data in Manufacturing”, where a General Electric's (GE) manager presented the well-known example of the transformation

Buzz words such as the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin have started to weave their way into executive key notes and sales peoples’ pitches. It is easy for product offerings to get lost in the

Cities are bursting at their seams and to manage the urban sprawl the strategy has been simple – Go vertical! Tall buildings, elevated transportation, vertical farming, and now vertiports! All indications even at the recently concluded Uber Elevate Summit, point to one