3D Digital Twin used for decarbonization and energy management optimization

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3D Digital Twin used for decarbonization and energy management optimization

3D Digital Twin used for decarbonization and energy management optimization

UrsaLeo CEO John Burton to showcase 3D digital twin technology and management at the Active Building Centre’s COP26 fringe event taking place at its Gloucestershire research facility on October 21st, 2021. 

UrsaLeo, a venture funded San Francisco-based startup, today announced a decarbonisation and energy optimization project in partnership with the Active Building Centre. Harnessing the company’s Gemini Platform, a 3D digital twin will be used to decarbonize and optimize energy management for a show-home. John Burton, UrsaLeo’s CEO will be showcasing the digital twin and technology platform at the Active Building Centre’s COP26 fringe event. The event is taking place at the organization’s Gloucestershire research facility on October 21st.

Importance of 3D Digital Twin Energy Management

“Buildings are responsible for about 40 percent of carbon emissions globally and in the UK alone, they consume around 40 percent of the total energy produced,” said John. “As we continue to battle climate change, the importance of constructing innovative buildings with modern technology that drives decarbonisation is vital. UrsaLeo is proud to be working with the Active Building Centre and we are looking forward to showcasing how 3D digital twins combined with IoT data can be used to redefine the way we manage and optimize energy usage.”

“As we continue to work with academia, government departments, local authorities, developers, and technology providers, the Active Building Centre is forging new paths to making low carbon buildings a reality in the UK,” said Ron Cowley, Chief Executive of the Active Building Centre. “With the help of UrsaLeo and the Gemini Platform, we have created an active show-home that intelligently integrates IoT sensor data and showcases new ways to reach our goals to decarbonisation of buildings.”

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How 3D Digital Twin works

Built with the Unity Gaming engine, the 3D digital twin showcases a scaled layout of the home and offers a virtual walkthrough that can be manipulated and viewed from multiple planes.The Gemini product also collects real-time information from numerous environmental sensors and provides a complete picture of energy usage within the house. The model is being used to educate consumers, contractors, and developers on the value of 3D Digital Twin technology and management and how it can be used in the fight against climate change and ensure future decarbonization.

To learn more about UrsaLeo and the Gemini product visit www.ursaleo.com. To try out the platform or request a demo visit https://ursaleo.com/try/.  You can also participate in the company’s latest survey focused on trends in IIoT by visiting https://ursaleo.com/survey/.

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About UrsaLeo

UrsaLeo offers an immersive 3D platform that combines digital twin technology with real-time and historical data from IoT streams, document management, maintenance, and other enterprise systems. Gemini by UrsaLeo is a product that delivers a holistic view of assets and facilities, so users can monitor and manage everything from anywhere, anytime. UrsaLeo was founded by manufacturing and software engineering experts with more than 50 years of industry expertise. For more information visit http://www.ursaleo.com.