Simple NIST cybersecurity Compliance for Manufacturing

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Compliance for Manufacturing

Simple NIST cybersecurity Compliance for Manufacturing

As industrial technology advances, manufacturers are increasingly using cloud, data analytics and mobile to improve their connectivity and infrastructure. This means a larger attack surface which creates a rich target for threats that cause physical damage, facility downtime, and breaches of customer data and intellectual property. To help manufacturing organizations reduce cybersecurity risk, NIST published the ‘Manufacturing Profile’. The profile provides a voluntary, risk-based approach for reducing risk for manufacturing organizations, and aligns with industry goals and best practices. A recent Gartner report estimated that the CSF is used by approximately 30% of U.S organizations and projected to reach 50% by 2020.

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This paper offers a dynamic set of cybersecurity practices, outcomes, technical, operational, and managerial security controls that are designed to help you manage cybersecurity risk. 

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