Securing our Energy Future

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Securing our Energy Future

ENERGY! – It’s the most vital, indispensable resource for sustaining and advancing humankind. Much as Oxygen is essential for all life on earth, Electricity – the foremost and primary useful energy form – is the core enabler of all technology development since the industrial revolution, and key to the sustainability of modern civilization.

The future of all human evolution – and indeed the very survival of our modern existence – depends on secure, reliable, and continuous access to electrical power and its dependent vital infrastructures. It would seem that with the many technological advancements in energy production, growth in renewables, and the evolution of various “smart” things like the national grid, cities and communities, transportation, and others –  we have arrived in the age of energy security and abundance. For the first time in nearly a century, our nation claims “energy independence” from foreign suppliers.

Far from having achieved such security, however, our energy supply, the national electrical grid, and our critical infrastructure are plagued with social, climate and political controversy, and challenged with a range of devastating threat scenarios. Cyber, Physical, Electro-Magnetic attacks, Solar and earth-based weather and other risk factors threaten its security, along with that of our modern human existence.

A rigorous and effective systems approach is essential to addressing and dealing with these modern challenges. Without a comprehensive understanding of a system’s intended purpose, its architecture, its operational environment, and its behavior in response to external entities and events, it may be impossible to detect all the points of vulnerability and undertake adequate risk mitigation. This weakness is well understood by our adversaries; who continue to seek ways of exploiting methods of attacking our sensitive and vital infrastructures.

EnergyTech is the leading annual Conference and Exposition Forum that advocates and pursues a System Methods and Models approach to addressing the broad and complex topics of energy and related technology, including the various forms of critical infrastructure that underpin our economic and social fabric. It is a forum which attracts renowned Systems Thinkers, Scientists, Engineers and Developers to bring forth their vision on relevant new concepts and technologies that – guided by an overarching “Systems” knowledge and methods – offers solutions for “Securing our Energy Future”.

The EnergyTech Conference has become widely known as “the FUSION of ENERGY and TECHNOLOGY” in its persistent advocacy and focus on systems engineering solutions.   EnergyTech2019 continues to advance the cause, with a series of relevant sessions, panel discussions, and exhibits to provide a forum to educate and debate the solutions.

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The event it’s in Cleveland, between October 21-25th, 2019. Check the agenda and buy your ticket here.

This article was written by John Juhasz, the CEO of Telepath Systems Inc.