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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact business and the economy worldwide, companies in every industry are using a critical eye to prioritize their operations amidst shrinking budgets and a catalog of unknowns. This includes exploring automation technologies that can

"Having spent, over a decade building machine learning and A.I solutions for E.ON we realized that there is clearly a gap in the technology currently on the market." TY Burridge-Oakland This gap is the real time machine learning analysis of multi-year

Many industrial businesses today see IIoT as a solution to the 21st century business issues they face. There’s ever-increasing pressure from shareholders for better financial results, to generate greater returns on the considerable amount of capital invested in production facilities.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is key to getting the global economy, and our lives, back on track Preventive measures implemented by countries worldwide to halt the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in its tracks are forcing us to make fundamental changes to how

We all know something big is happening “out there” in industrial operations around the globe. Companies are going beyond standard practices in Continuous Improvement (CI) as they seek step change improvement. Among them, programs go by a range of names:

The traditional industrial terms of digital technology and environmental sustainability are not intertwined and the compelling factors remain unrelated. Sustainability through Industry 4.0 contribute to developing a better understanding of Industry 4.0 elements and the advanced technologies, considering the key

It is probably (hopefully) very clear to most manufacturers by now that not implementing some type of IoT or cloud strategy is really not an option in todays world. Not having a cloud strategy is not a strategy for manufacturers

The energy industry is entering a new era, triggered by the relentless rise of renewables, electric cars and smart grids. And like previous industrial revolutions, technology – and the willingness to embrace it – will determine the winners and losers. Over

With the arrival of the Industrial Internet of Things, manufacturers are finding themselves at the forefront of fast-moving, disruptive and revolutionary change.  Among other things, this change is quickly introducing components for the creation of a smart factory. The concept