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The Smart Columbus project started with the mission to accelerate human progress through open mobility. Essential to developing a smart city was not only data collection and state of the art technology, but also the ability to serve and involve

Traffic isn’t just bad. It’s actually getting worse. Do you think the traffic is bad where you live? Try moving to Boston, where commuters suffer the worst highway congestion in the nation. Residents of the New England city spent an average

Parsons Corporation and its partners and sponsors announced this week the first Smart Cities Challenge — titled Transforming Intersections — that will significantly increase mobility around cities and reduce the amount of time citizens spend at red lights. The goal of Parsons' Smart Cities Challenge is

Cities are bursting at their seams and to manage the urban sprawl the strategy has been simple – Go vertical! Tall buildings, elevated transportation, vertical farming, and now vertiports! All indications even at the recently concluded Uber Elevate Summit, point to one