Our top picks for Hannover Messe 2021: AI & IIoT across different industries

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Our top picks for Hannover Messe 2021: AI & IIoT across different industries

A few years ago, we used to navigate for one week during the Hannover Messe long hallways, trying to catch as much as possible, meet new companies, startups and find out about the latest innovation in the technology space. This year, Hannover Messe, for the first time, is online only. The bad part is that we’re not in Germany, feeling the energy and the excitement of the participating companies. Still, on the other hand, we can plan better and watch five full days of presentations, tours, panel discussions, talks, etc.

As our focus is on IIoT across different verticals, here are our picks for the first three days of the show. More to come in the upcoming days. We selected only the sessions of interest for us held in English or those with live translation in English. You can add those to your schedule, and don’t forget to follow our Twitter channels (IIoT World, CRudinschi & Fogoros) and LinkedIn profiles (IIoT World, Carolina Rudinschi & Lucian Fogoros) for real-time updates from the show. We will cover the event.

We will also host, during the week, in partnership with Industry 4.0 Club, a daily Clubhouse discussion scheduled at 2 PM EDT / 8 PM CEST. 

Clubhouse sessions you should attend:

Monday, 2 PM EDT

Industry 4.0 club Clubhouse Session “5G Preview for Hannover Messe Digital 2021”


Tuesday, 2 PM EDT

Industry 4.0 club Clubhouse Session “Edge Computing Takeaways from Hannover Messe 2021”


Wednesday, 2 PM EDT

Industry 4.0 club Clubhouse Session “Digital Twin Takeaways from Hannover Messe 2021”


Thursday, 2 PM EDT

Industry 4.0 club Clubhouse Session “Additive Manufacturing Takeaways from Hannover Messe 2021”


Friday, 2 PM EDT

Industry 4.0 club Clubhouse Session “Week in Review of Hannover Messe 2021”


If you need a Clubhouse invite, feel free to request it here: https://www.industry40club.com/clubhouse-invite?utm_source=iiot-world.com 

OUR PICKS for Hannover Messe 2021 (#HM21)

Monday, April 12, 2021

Smart Factory/Digital Platforms for Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

[Factory Tour] Batam Smart Factory Tour, organized by Schneider Electric

[Panel Discussion] Economic Forum: Industrial Pioneers – Challenging the Now, Creating the New, organized by Deutsche Messe AG

[Factory Tour] Kalbe Morinaga Factory Journey, organized by Kalbe Morinaga Indonesia

[Talk] Factory of the Future, organized by Bosch Rexroth

[Keynote] Creating a Human Centric Industrie 4.0: Importance of the worker in the factory, organized by PTC

[Industry Insights] Addressing the “New Normal” in Manufacturing, organized by Google Cloud

[Keynote] Discover how you can make smart manufacturing real, organized by Hexagon

Additive Manufacturing

[Keynote] Additive Manufacturing for production managers – Added value from tooling to robotics, organized by BASF 3D Printing Solutions

[Webinar] Additive Manufacturing Canada, organized by Next Generation Manufacturing Canada


[Keynote] A Resilient and Sustainable Future, organized by Scheider Electric

[Panel Discussion] Industrial Sustainability: A Roadmap to Decarbonization and Resource Conversation , organized by Schneider Electric

[Panel Discussion] Customer Talk: Mastering current and future challenges – how can industry become resilient and sustainable, organized by Siemens


[Keynote] Traffic 4.0: Hamburg as a model city for future mobility, organized by HIS Hamburh Invest Service

[Keynote] Production of Electric Motors for future vehicle generations, organized by Baden-Wurttemberg International

[Keynote] Storage-based High Power Charging, by Baden-Wurttemberg International

[Webinar] eMobility? Why cars will never be the same again, organized by Hexagon

[Article] The Future of eMobility


[Talk] Robot Industry in Korea, by Korea Pavilion


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Smart Factory/Digital Platforms for Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

[Lecture] Singapore: And Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Asia, by Hannover Messe Conference Program

[Talk] Catching UP – AI in Industry, by Hannover Messe Conference Program

[Talk] The real truth about Industry 4.0, organized by Hannover Messe Conference Program

[Keynote] Connecting the dots – infinite opportunities from infinite data, organized by Siemens

[Best Practice]: Digital Enterprise – Fast and confident decisions in the Food & Beverage Industry, organized by Siemens

[Best Practice] Customer success in a holistic way: The Digital Transformation Journey of RaisioAqua, organized by Siemens

[Panel Discussion] Navigating the Journey of 4.0: Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, organized by Ministry of Ind. Of the Rep. of Indonesia

[Best Practice] Infinite possibilities with Siemens Industrial IoT, organized by Siemens

[Factory Tour] Fengyuan Electric Factory Tour, organized by Fengyuan High-Tech Electric

[Lecture] The Ultimate Introduction to Pay-Per-Use in Manufacturing, organized by relayr

[Expert Panel] Smart Manufacturing: Think beyond the factory, organized by Fujitsu

[Webinar] See a smart factory in action with the AWS Model Factory demo, organized by AWS

[Webinar] Boosting efficiency in production with Volkswagen, organized by AWS

[Webinar] Closed Loop Manufacturing: The Catalyst for Autonomous Production, organized by HPE

[Keynote] Manufacturing USA, organized by Hannover Messe

[Battle] Canada: Advanced Manufacturing Priorities, organized by Hannover Messe

Edge Computing

[Keynote] Why the Edge is the key ingredient of any digital Platform, organized by Intel

[Best Practice] It starts with the drivetrain! Maximized productivity with Industrial Edge, organized by Siemens

[Expert Panel] AI on edge powering test optimization, organized by Siemens

[Expert Panel] Why Edge is the New Cloud for Factories, organized by T-Systems International

5G for Industry 4.0

Fireside Chat with the 5G-ACIA Working Group Chairs on Industrial 5G, by 5G-ACIA

[Best Practice] Creating Europe’s biggest Industrial 5G Test Environment, organized by Siemens

[Best Practice] 5G Campus Networks & Edge Computing – the next level of the production floor digitalization, organized by T-Systems International

[Keynote] The 5G platform – the Industry 4.0 connectivity engine, organized by Ericsson

AI & Machine Learning

[Live Demonstration] KUKA Innovation Award Team ARAS: Advanced Robot Assistance Solution, organized by KUKA Innovation Award

[Keynote] How Visual Inspection AI Transforms Manufacturing Industry, organized by Google Cloud

[Expert Panel] How AI makes its way towards the industry, organized by Siemens

[Keynote] BMW – No-Code AI Project, organized by Intel

[Keynote] Why 85% of AI Projects Fail and How Not to Become a Statistic, organized by Government of Ontario. Great insights focused on this topic – in this article by CEO of Canvass, Humera Malik.

Additive Manufacturing

[Lecture] Hands on! Application Examples from Additive Manufacturing, organized by Phoenix Contact

[Live Demonstration] KUKA Innovation Award Team BlindGrasp: Picking object using tactile sensing alone, organized by KUKA Innovation Award

[Expert Panel] Industrialized AM factory for show sole production, organized by Siemens


[Live Demonstration] Guided tour of the Swedish Energy Pavilion – the virtual booth, organized by Statens Energimyndighet

[Talk] Washington State: The US Leader in Clean Energy and Technology, organized by WA State Dept. of Commerce


[Live Demonstration] Mobility newly defined: electrification in the automotive industry, organized by Festo SE & Co. KG

[Keynote] Smart electrification – making industry more sustainable, organized by Siemens

Smart Cities

[Panel Discussion] Expo 2020 Dubai – Harnessing data for a blueprint for future smart cities, organized by Siemens

[Live Demonstration] Fast-Tracking the Transformation of Smart Cities and Smart Connected Spaces with IoT-as-a-Service, organized by Qualcomm Technologies


[Live Demonstration] of Robotics, organized by Swiss Pavilion

[Expert Panel] Sensor-based Drone Inspection Service, organized by Continental


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Smart Factory/Digital Platforms for Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Manufacturing Transformation with Google Cloud, organized by Google Cloud

A low-code approach to the 4th industrial revolution, organized by Neadvance Machine Vision

[Fireside Chat] Build more agile factories, organized by Microsoft

[Interview] Operations in Industry 4.0: From infrastructure to skills, organized by Continental

Digital Twin & Additive Manufacturing

[Best Practice] Our digital native factory in China – a real showcase how to benefit with the Digital Enterprise, organized by Siemens

[Talk] Industry 5.0: How digitally transform manufacturing for modern work and the next-gen workforce, organized by Deutsche Messe AG

[Panel Discussion] Meet leading North American businesses from the digital ecosystem of Quebec, organized by Baden Wurttemberg International

[Keynote] Why the Key to Digital Transformation Lies in Additive Manufacturing, organized by Materialise

AI & Machine Learning

[Live Demonstration] KUKA Innovation Award Team CHRIS: Collaborative human-robot intelligent system, organized by KUKA Innovation Award

[Product Pitch] Success stories of innovative Swedish startups, organized by Statens Energimyndighet

[Webinar] Applying Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance and Early Diagnosis of Equipment, organized by Next Generation Manufacturing Canada


[Keynote] Using AI to precisely detect anomalies in the OT process, organized by Nozomi Networks


[Expert Panel] 5G under test; Experiences from the first successful industrial 5G network tests, organized by Phoenix Contact

[Lecture] Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, organized by Qualcomm

[Fireside Chat] Applying 5G: How manufacturers are getting value from 5G technologies, organized by KPMG International


[Lecture] Sector Coupling: Industrial IoT Use Cases, organized by Phoenix Contact

[Best Practice] Energy-efficient into the future: Success story Coca-Cola Germany, organized by Rittal

Smart Cities

[Webinar] Smart cities – three case stories from Sweden, organized by Statens Energimyndighet

[Fireside Chat] Manufacture a more resilient and sustainable future, organized by Microsoft

[Expert Panel] Smart City – Concepts and solutions for the intelligent city of tomorrow, organized by Phoenix Contact


[Expert Panel] Building a sustainable and intelligent charging infrastructure, organized by Phoenix Contact

[Panel Discussion] Integrated concept for hydrogen mobility in the Rhein-Main region, organized by Tobias Renz FAIR


[Webinar] Next Generation Robots from Canada

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Award ceremony KUKA Innovation Award 2021

Saxon companies introduce themselves

Sustainable mobility – three case stories from Sweden

The future of smart industrial hubs and sustainable value chains

The future has arrived: Charging eMobility

Additive Manufacturing for Automation and Machinery: Practical use cases

Thinking Out of the Box!

With Autonomous Mobile Robots towards Industry 4.0

Estonia – Industry 4.0 – Virtual Factory Tours

Build more agile factories

Aviation: Clean aviation with hydrogen – Hamburg takes off

Cooperation in future mobility

I will also recommend to try what Siemens Industry have built into their #HM21 Virtual Experience. A short sum up here, by Kevin O’Donovan. I did not experiences something like that before and it’s really interesting and worth trying. To be able to log in, you need to register first. This is the website where you can register at no cost.


Copyright feature image: Deutsche Messe.

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