Carolina Rudinschi, Co-Founder & Publisher

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Carolina Rudinschi, Co-Founder & Publisher

Carolina Rudinschi, PhD,  author of a Digital Media Book, brings  a wealth of experience in Research, Journalism, Public Relations and Social Media. Certifications include: Google Adwords Certified Specialist (Search & Mobile), Hootsuite Certified Professional, Facebook BluePrint & Digital Marketing Certification from University of Illinois. She has a PhD in Digital Journalism & Media and is experienced in running campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Carolina has an engagement in the global influencer program of Siemens AG. This is NOT an endorsement of SIEMENS AS products or services. It is Carolina’s role to encourage SIEMENS AG to think more openly and engage in a wider community. Carolina is independent in her work in this wider community and provides a unique set of insights accordingly to those willing to listen. 

Carolina participates/participated in influencer & analysts programs with ABB, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, IBM, Schneider Electric, PTC. 


Carolina is on Twitter & Linkedin.