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Over the past 10 years we’ve watched cloud computing come of age as more and more companies send their data to the cloud for processing, storage, and management rather than keeping that data on a local server or Edge gateway.

It is real, but it’s difficult to say how long it will take. It will surely take many years to fully realize, but is already happening faster than many expected.  This blog presents some of key digital transformation trends in

Modern machines tend to be smart. You’ve got a piece of industrial equipment, possibly with an OS, a sensor bus, and drivers talking to I/O systems enabling local monitoring and operation. Now you want to monitor, control, and update that

The cloud has transformed how we use technology. Of that there is no doubt. But as we have grown attuned to it for the IoT market, complexities arose. Once we moved past the exciting unicorn cases, practical issues reared their

Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2019, 45 percent of IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of, the network. The challenge is that many companies want to take advantage of

Since Internet of Things technology started to gain mainstream traction, multiple platforms, solutions and strategies have been developed. At the moment there are more than 450 ‘platforms’ commercially available. Yet, realistically speaking, most of these have been designed for a

Not too long ago, ExxonMobil came out with a plan where hardware is “plug and play”, open source, and non-proprietary. Where, if a device fails, you can source a replacement from any supplier, and simply plug it in, and the

If you ask end users about factors that impede the Industrial IoT the #1 factor is usually cybersecurity and the second is manageability. Drill down on what they mean by “manageability” and this expands to “remote device management” or “remote

Last week’s release of the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Industrial Internet Vocabulary Technical Report V2.0 coincided with renewed discussion on ARC’s Industrial Internet of Things LinkedIn page concerning the definition of the IIoT network edge. After a dutiful search of the new release in hope