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It’s hard to think about life without evolution. It’s the reason humans exist and it’s fundamental in a thriving ecosystem. But it’s also a powerful word in industry. It’s fixed in the description of the Industrial Revolutions and also reflects


There are an endless number of buzzwords in the technology industry at any given moment.  We’ve all heard more than enough about the Cloud, the Edge and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the past several years. However, there still


A few weeks ago, Litmus Automation announced LoopEdge 2.0, the latest iteration of their edge computing platform designed to seamlessly connect all industrial assets and derive value with instant analytics.  We asked COO John Younes to share a few details


The manufacturing industry has a long history of automated machines and systems. IIoT is part of larger digital transformation efforts to help connect critical assets, extract data, and improve factory operations. IIoT still raises a lot of questions and here


While Industrial IoT continues to mature, many customers are hesitant to share project details for obvious competitive reasons.  As an alternative, it can be useful to look at potential use cases to see how IoT can benefit industrial enterprises. In this


The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an undeniable business opportunity to OEMs developing industrial equipment and machinery. Just about every industry is digitizing, and industrial equipment is no different. While customers purchase equipment to perform a specific task, connecting the asset


Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2019, 45 percent of IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of, the network. The challenge is that many companies want to take advantage of