Manufacturing Metrics Identified – A Case Study

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Manufacturing Metrics Identified – A Case Study

Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) is a leading U.S.-based contract manufacturer that provides a broad range of prototyping and tooling, production fabrication, coating, assembly and aftermarket services, with a total of 20 facilities across seven states.

MEC’s mission to create as much value for customers as possible has led to tremendous growth for the organization. Despite MEC’s strong growth, decision-makers at the organization were limited by the data the operation was collecting. They had little insight into the uptime and utilization of processes and equipment and there was no way to identify where opportunities for improvement existed. Furthermore, when production goals were not met, the explanation for “why” was not evident.

Machine Monitoring Solutions for Manufacturing

As part of the next step in their continuous improvement journey, MEC partnered with MachineMetrics to develop a more accurate understanding of their machine performance in order to drive process improvements. This included monitoring the actual uptime of machines, quantify the amount of (as well as reason for) downtime, and be able to assign dollar values to issues.

In this interview case study, Engineering Manager Michael Wisnefsky highlights the challenges Mayville Engineering faced, its application of MachineMetrics, and the results, including how MEC was able to:

  • Increase uptime by 15%
  • Increase efficiency by 20%
  • Get to ROI in 90 days

“On our lasers which run 24-7, a 20% efficiency gain equates to almost another shift for free per machine.”
– Michael Wisnefsky, Engineering Manager

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Graham ImmermanGraham Immerman is Vice President of Marketing for MachineMetrics, a venture-backed manufacturing analytics platform. Graham has quickly become an authority on digital transformation and the application of IIoT technology for the manufacturing industry. An accomplished leader and experienced start-up veteran with an integrated background in digital, social, traditional, account-based marketing, growth strategies, and business development.


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