How IIoT can help modernize your factory

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iiot and how to modernize your factory

How IIoT can help modernize your factory

There is no stopping an asset from getting older…

…and aging plant assets can create a number of challenges for industrial organizations:

  • Frequent breakdowns 
  • Disruption 
  • Decreasing efficiency 

According to the former CEO of Factora, Charles A. Horth in an article published in Industry Week: “three categories of business drivers should drive IIoT decisions:

  1. Pain: What must I do to stay in the game?
  2. Continuous improvement: What should I do to stay in the game?
  3. Opportunity: What can I do to get ahead of the competition?”

Many industrial organizations are using IIoT to improve the health and performance of their existing assets and drive new operational insights that enable them to boost productivity. 

The IIoT can help you:

  1. Proactively maintain aging assets
  2. Optimize the performance of aging assets 
  3. Increase process efficiency 

MindSphere enables you to easily and securely connect both existing and new factory assets to gain real-time transparency into health and performance. 

Find out more in the “Modernize your factory – Create new value from aging plant assets” white paper sponsored by Siemens

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