[Industrial IoT Playbook] Connecting OT Assets at Scale

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Industrial IoT playbook

[Industrial IoT Playbook] Connecting OT Assets at Scale

The number one challenge the enterprise customers face when enabling Industrial IoT is how to connect to all their OT assets at scale. With so many different types of industrial assets, data sources, and protocols being used – the need for a rapid, secure, and scalable OT connectivity solution is real.

Download this Playbook to understand the top connectivity challenges, OT asset connectivity, and how Litmus works with other solutions.

Many manufacturers may have SCADA and MES systems to manage and control resources and plant processes. In addition, many are using OPC UA for basic data collection and sharing data between OT and IT systems. In the white paper, you will find a breakdown of the most common OT systems and how Litmus enhances and builds on those investments to solve connectivity and enable the free flow of data across the enterprise. Is Internet of Things going to replace SCADA systems?

You will get insights into how to scale connectivity. As you develop your Industrial IoT Playbook, key capabilities will help you successfully connect OT assets at scale. Get the capabilities checklist from the same white paper.

Read this guide to learn how Litmus helped hundreds of customers solve their OT asset connectivity challenges once and for all to achieve complete, secure, enterprise-scale data flow. Understand why other OT systems don’t go far enough to connect to every asset and share data intelligence at scale. Then see how you can put the data to work to power applications that improve operations.

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