Flogistix and UrsaLeo — An IIoT Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Flogistix and UrsaLeo — An IIoT Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry

Flogistix is an oil and gas technology company that utilizes an engineered approach to help customers with their wellhead compression, vapor recovery, and gas lift needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Flogistix operates throughout most of the onshore producing basins in the United States. From the company’s manufacturing facilities in Pampa, Texas, and Gillette, Wyoming, Flogistix supports 12 strategically placed service centers. This expansive service facility network allows Flogistix to deliver superior customer service and well optimization strategies.

Flogistix has been leveraging an Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution for approximately seven years. The solution provides complete transparency to customers and Flogistix field services with a view into the conditions of each of its compressors, wherever they may be deployed, from Axil, an Industrial IoT system that is 100% cloud-based.

The system enables Flogistix and its fleet of maintenance personnel to view each asset’s conditions based on sensor data provided in a digital twin. The sensor data includes between 50 and 300 data points depending on unit type and application including the temperature, speed, and pressure of oil or gas flow through each compressor. That information is captured via a wireless cellular connection.

The team from Flogistix was looking for a solution that not only provided data on asset conditions and, but would also offer greater visual access to the conditions in and around that asset. Flogistix was also looking for a solution that would scale across their entire fleet while also offering remote maintenance and collaboration functionality.

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Result and The Future 

UrsaLeo’s innovative technology is expected to save Flogisitix 10-15% on maintenance costs, which equates to a savings of approximately $2.8M / year. Find out how in this case study by UrsaLeo.