A Cybersecurity Strategy Guide for Your Power Grid

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A Cybersecurity Strategy Guide for Your Power Grid

To thrive in today’s dynamic market, power utilities require new types of smart grid and control applications that enable them to optimize grid efficiency and utilize renewable energy sources. As power grids become more intelligent with advanced IoT-enabled sensors and devices, utilities have begun to integrate their IT and OT networks to leverage the data being gathered. While IT/OT integration enables predictive maintenance, improves efficiency and reduces downtime, it also exposes power grids to a much wider attack surface.

This poses a major risk to safety and business continuity because SCADA and other OT systems were not built with security in mind and were not intended to be connected
to the internet. In a recent Deloitte survey, 41% of senior executives from the power sector pointed to the increased threat of cyber attacks as one of the market trends with the biggest impact on their business.

This guide is intended to help utilities build an effective cybersecurity strategy for their power grids. It presents the main security challenges grid managers face and outlines the key capabilities you should look for when selecting a cybersecurity solution. By adopting the right strategy and approach, utilities can minimize security risks without sacrificing the connected functionalities that are required from the modern grid. 

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