Decoupling Software from Hardware: The Future of Industrial Automation

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Decoupling Software from Hardware: The Future of Industrial Automation

As industrial automation continues to advance, one organization is making waves in the industry with a unique approach to software and hardware integration. Universal Automation, a newly funded association, is focused on decoupling software from hardware in the industrial automation space. In a recent interview with Greg Boucaud, Chief Marketing Officer, a representative from Universal Automation, he explained the goals and vision of the association.

At its core, Universal Automation aims to enable the seamless integration of software applications with any hardware platform, similar to how we download apps on our smartphones without worrying about the brand of the device. This means that users can download software applications from a marketplace and run them on their preferred hardware, regardless of the vendor. This approach eliminates the need for in-house expertise or vendor-specific knowledge, making it easier for users to connect their machines to various technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality systems.

Boucaud highlighted that Universal Automation is not only focused on the vendor community but also actively involves users in the development and advancement of the technology. With support from companies like Nestle and Cargill, Universal Automation is gaining traction in the industry, and its membership has grown to around 35 companies since its founding in November 2021.

One interesting aspect of Universal Automation is its alignment and collaboration with other associations. While these associations have similar goals, Universal Automation sees itself as a technology enabler that provides the backbone for implementing information models defined by other organizations. This collaborative approach allows for shared development and implementation of the technology, benefiting both vendors and users in the industrial automation space.

As Universal Automation participates in events like the Hannover Fair and engages with industry leaders, it is clear that the concept of decoupling software from hardware is gaining traction in the industrial automation community. With the support of its growing membership and collaborations with other associations, Universal Automation is poised to shape the future of industrial automation by creating a more flexible, interoperable, and user-friendly ecosystem for software and hardware integration.

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