CxO Interview with Brandon Spencer, President, ABB Energy Industries

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Interview with Brandon Spencer

CxO Interview with Brandon Spencer, President, ABB Energy Industries

In the energy sector, it is not uncommon for large capital projects to significantly exceed budget and experience extensive delays. ABB Adaptive Execution addresses major inefficiencies that result in cost and schedule overruns. It enables greater visibility across all layers of a project, unlocking significant project value improvements across the energy sector. With digitalization and collaboration at its core, Adaptive Execution is expected to reduce automation-related capital expenditure by up to 40%, compress delivery schedules by up to 30% and start-up hours by up to 40%.  

The focus of this discussion was two-fold:   1) How to help the energy customer thrive in our new normal and 2) Driving strategic agility in the energy sector.

Watch this video to gain the perspective of ABB Energy Industries President Brandon Spencer on a variety of topics, including automation leadership, reducing barriers to capital investment projects and supporting customers on their energy transition journey.  Some excerpts from the conversation include:

1) What’s different about Adaptive Execution™? It’s an end to end solution for how ABB will deliver projects globally.  First, the breadth of portfolio that ABB has, we’re not just focused on the automation side or the digitalization side, we’re also focused on electrification, telecoms, infrastructure, etc.  The second thing is that we’re not just looking at technology and what it can enable in execution, it’s about bringing together the four pillars of 1) People, 2) Processes, 3) Infrastructure and 4) Technology to have an impact.  Lastly, ABB recognizes there are other solutions that our customers may have and we want to determine how can ABB solutions can work together with them.

2) How will Adaptive Execution™ help energy companies thrive as they diversify their energy mix? A couple of years ago, ABB combined power generation, our water business, and some industrial business together with oil & gas, so we have the whole end-to-end value chain.  With the energy transition, a lot of our customers are moving from being just a carbon-based company to renewables and  have integrated different types of energy sources.  ABB’s can leverage our application knowledge and install bases to be at any part of the energy transition.  Instead of contesting what’s happening, we want to be involved in it.  The energy transition doesn’t happen overnight, it could take decades, but we’ll help our customers migrate and will learn together, it’s a journey that we’re on. We want to integrate the customers opinions, needs and transitions into that as we go.

“Adaptive Execution will change the way in which customers, Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractors and vendors interact. We can create better business value for our customers by creating an environment where everyone can do his or her own part with confidence, empowering delivery teams to achieve more, in less time. This is the key to overall project success.”

Brandon Spencer

President, ABB Energy Industries