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Data Analytics solutions for manufacturing

Today the Cloud represents the fruition model that makes Information Technology increasingly ready to respond to rapid changes in the context.

Organizations are increasingly “data-driven”, and Data Analytics, a set of quantitative and qualitative approaches to obtain “valuable insights” from data, have become a fundamental tool.

Analysis, a term that generally refers to an accurate examination, is a research method in which the object of the investigation is broken down and examined in its constituent elements and in the relationships that are determined between them, but it can also refer to a description or interpretation of a complex concept by examining the simple elements that compose it.

The term “analytics” could be translated into “analytical study”, and if associated with data, from which “data analytics”, a real science is manifested, dedicated to the analysis of raw data with the aim of achieving to conclusions based on the information contained therein. In a previous article we presented some insights about IT solutions for manufacturing.

Technological development in manufacturing initially pushed towards the optimization of processes and automation, especially from the component side and control logic, and the analysis of the behavior of a machine or line had not been given the same importance, and this because the collection, storage and processing of data presented technical and implementation difficulties.

Data analysis as a tangible value

In recent years, the increase in data collection systems has made available to the end user a large amount of information in raw format from which it was not possible to extrapolate significant results except through those Data Analytics systems which, however, at the time, had not yet reached the degree of maturity they have today. Find out more about the predictive power of big data analytics in the IIoT era.

The main task of Data Analytics systems in manufacturing is precisely to provide the means and tools necessary to convert raw data into easily interpretable information from which tangible benefits can arise.

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