A New Generation of Smartcases Unveiled at IoT Evolution Expo 2017

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A New Generation of Smartcases Unveiled at IoT Evolution Expo 2017

Mobelisk, a pioneer in modular and programmable Smartcases to meet highly customized mobile enterprise workforce needs, today announced the launch of MoGo for Android. Set to initially launch on the Samsung Note 5, MoGo utilizes off the shelf consumer devices as an engine, allowing for premium specifications and functionality at a very favorable cost advantage. It is the first in its industry to feature an integrated array of cloud-connected environmental sensors that measure shock, vibration, temperature, and barometric pressure, allowing both proactive service and support of the devices in the field and the ability to capture valuable real-time operational data. Mobelisk will unveil MoGo at the IoT Evolution Expo, taking place February 7th-10th at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

Mobelisk offers enterprises a less expensive, more flexible, and quickly customizable hardware platform accompanied by a range of software integration options, including a complete software development kit (SDK), turnkey client-server applications, and custom application development services. MoGo is a reliable business solution that not only offers device protection, but also allows for true integration between proprietary software and other critical business applications utilized by mobile workforces – optimizing investments already made, with room to further extend and expand functionality.

Each MoGo unit has the capability to be branded with company logos and colors, and outfitted with modules that range from card readers to barcode scanners as well as other enterprise-specific sensors and peripherals.

“We have taken what we did for tablets, and have built similar functionality into smartphone cases for applications in different industries that are relying more and more on mobile solutions, that can be dispatched and managed at scale, and on budget,” said Dennis Hamann, Founder and CEO of Mobelisk. “With the introduction of environmental monitoring capabilities through the hardware in the case, we can proactively mitigate service/support issues and capture real-time operational data for the enterprise – translating to a much better overall business experience.”

MoGo is the latest addition to the Mobelisk product line, which also includes the Chimera, a flexible, modular, and durable platform that supports seven to eight inch tablets and can also be custom-tailored for companies seeking to deploy tablets to their field forces. MoGo fundamentally has the same DNA and advantages of the Chimera, and will appeal to many different markets needing both durability and flexibility. Mobelisk is enabling enterprise mobility for specific needs, not just with a hardware case but also with extra functionality with software integration for any smart device, in volatile environments where rugged support is needed. The solution provides enterprise-grade wireless service plans, robust mobile device management, and enhanced service and support, all in one.

Mobelisk Founder and CEO Dennis Hamann will debut the MoGo at the IoT Evolution Expo, where strategists, architects, and developers will join over 150 speakers leading the charge in the massive IoT future. Dennis will be speaking at two sessions at the Expo. The first session, Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00am, is titled “Enabling Smart Workers with Smart Devices,” and will take place in Grand G. The second session, Thursday, February 9th at 1:00pm, is titled “Keeping Inventories Moving,” and will take place in Grand C.

About Mobelisk

Mobelisk creates durable and flexible mobile solutions that can be custom tailored with its unique modular platform to support a wide range of enterprise needs. Mobelisk brings mobility to the enterprise with its integrated hardware and software platform that leverage the size, affordability, and accessibility of consumer tablet and smartphone offerings, along with a software platform and SDK that facilitates easy integration of unique functionality into highly functional, durable vertical industry applications. To learn more about Mobelisk, please visit www.mobelisktech.com.