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IIoT World is taking the Manufacturing Day conversation to Clubhouse, partnering with Industry 4.0 Club and their followers to keep the conversations flowing. After a full day of conferencing, head over and join Industry 4.0 Club to debrief and unwind.  New to Clubhouse? Clubhouse

Onalytica has been creating Top 100 Influencer lists for the past ten years, connecting brands with influencer communities. The marketplace is now looking to understand who is influential beyond Twitter social amplifiers. Today’s Who’s Who report ranks top IIoT Influencers &

The 50thAnniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is an event that will forever be etched in the sands of time. The United States of America’s winning the space race and putting a man on the moon, can be referred to

Given the hype about IIoT, the ARC Advisory Group asks if it is really time to focus on the edge. The promise of edge computing in industrial environments means getting the right device data in near real-time to drive better

This year was one of the most intense in terms of cybersecurity attacks affecting industrial control systems. For the first time since Stuxnet, a malicious toolset called CrashOverride/Industroyer targeted physical systems. The WannaCry and Petya attacks appear to have changed

Discussion of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) or the Fourth Wave of the Internet is ubiquitous in the media, at industry conferences, and in manufacturing. According to a recent report released by The MPI Group, 90% of manufacturing executives believe that

Knowledge is king in the industrial manufacturing environment today as decisions need to occur with 20/20 vision, no blind spots. Network visibility allows manufacturers to discover issues that impact process integrity and performance, fix hidden problems in their networks and protect critical systems against

Every year manufacturers worldwide lose billions of dollars due to disruptions and failures of automated production lines. Tangible costs include the loss of production, capacity, direct labor, inventory, and product.  Intangible costs are the ripple effect of these losses and

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the industrial landscape rapidly. To stay competitive and make the right decisions industry’s leaders need to understand the potential of IIoT and to be informed. This is one of the reasons why Right