[New Report] The Top IIoT Influencers and Brands by Onalytica

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[New Report] The Top IIoT Influencers and Brands by Onalytica

Onalytica has been creating Top 100 Influencer lists for the past ten years, connecting brands with influencer communities. The marketplace is now looking to understand who is influential beyond Twitter social amplifiers. Today’s Who’s Who report ranks top IIoT Influencers & Social Amplifiers, Brand Employees, Analysts, Journalists, Academics & Researchers. Also, the report ranks Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) discussing IIoT online, event speakers – people who are keynote speakers in IIoT, or have spoken at IIoT events over the past few years. You will also find a list of Technology Publications/Resources & Technology Brands active in the IIoT space.  

Industries covered:

This report focuses on IIoT influencers from the following sectors: Energy, Smart Cities, Industrial Cybersecurity, Transport & logistics.

Who should read it:

• C- level executives: CEOs, CMOs, CIOs 
• Influencers/Analyst Relations professionals 
• Business Line Executives
• Directors & Managers IT/OT, Plant Managers, Product Managers, Automation Managers, ICS Cybersecurity
• City Managers
• Other IIoT Enthusiasts, Innovators, and Startups


The influential experts are selected using Onalytica’s 4 Rs
• Reach
• Resonance
• Relevance
• Reference
Quantitative data is pulled through LinkedIn, Twitter, Personal Blogs, YouTube, Podcast, and Forbes channels, and the internal analytics team analyzes Onalytica’s qualitative data. All the influential experts featured are categorized by influencer persona, the sector they work in, their role within that sector, and more from Onalytica’s curated database of 1m+ influencers.
At IIoT World, we believe that influence is about access to information and empowering others. The power of tech influencers does not necessarily lie in the number of their followers, but in their capacity to influence through relevant content. Bigger is not always better; that’s why influencers should be ranked for their relevance to a specific concept, not their follower count.
Today’s Who’s Who report should give you an insight into the IIoT industry and help break it down. Get your copy!  
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