The great convergence – Economist’ Summit 2017

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The great convergence – Economist’ Summit 2017

The Economist Events’ Innovation Summit 2017 in Chicago brought together more than 200 Fortune 500  CEOs and disruptive entrepreneurs to share their insights and strategies for successful digital transformation. In this video a panel that included, Jamie Miller, chief executive, GE Transportation, Ann Winblad, managing director, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Alec Ross, Author, The Industries of the Future and moderated by the economist’s business editor, Vijay Vaitheeswaran gave an overview of the key challenges and opportunities arising as traditional industries such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing and transport experience digital disruption of every aspect of business.

Innovation Summit 2017

The Great Convergence

Posted by The Economist Events on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Questions addressed 

  • As big old industries finally undergo digital disruption, what will determine who wins or loses?
  • How will digital optimization and the generation of massive amounts of new data change the way in which value and profit is created?
  • What issues should companies focus on in designing their new strategies?
  • How can incumbents resist attacks on their business from firms that have been built on digital mastery from the start?

Time to watch: 45 minutes

Who should watch: any decision maker in the agriculture, energy, manufacturing, transportation industry.

Some of my favorite tweets about this session:

  • @gracewcheung  “We need a better definition of innovation. Not invention but fresh thinking that creates value.”
  • @mlindenmayer “ 50:50 Equipment to Service Revenue Ratio at GE. Decentralized Sanitation Needs to Think as a Service”
  • @ThereseVanRyne “ Companies can partner to take deep domain to next digital era”
  • @EconomistEvents @humwin “Today everybody is a tech company, so you now have to be a platform vendor to be successful.”
  • @wanderingkim “ A lot of large companies tend to overrunning over-punish failure. We need to rethink how we approach failure” @AlecJRoss

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