Supply Chain Control Tower Solutions to Conquer Disruption

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Supply Chain Control Tower Solutions to Conquer Disruption

44% of organizations lacked a clear strategy for dealing with supply-chain disruption, according to a survey published by the Institute for Supply Management in March 2020. Almost 75% of companies surveyed reported a disruption in their supply chains because of the COVID-19 pandemic (Source: “75% of Companies in ISM Virus Survey Report Supply Chain Disruptions,” Industry Week, March 11, 2020).

What is a supply chain control tower?

A supply chain control tower is a connected, personalized system of data that uses AI to manage and control a network. This network allows companies and people to evaluate real data in order to optimize the supply chain. A supply chain control tower enables organizations to know what to prioritize, solve issues and deliver significant benefits.

Managing the complexity of your supply chain is an enormous challenge.

Changing consumer behaviors, suppliers with independent systems and digital transformation limit your end-to-end visibility even during the best of times. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that global supply chains are especially vulnerable. Unpredictable events can cut off sources of raw materials, create geographical barriers, threaten transportation and change consumer demand. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems may not provide visibility and adaptability across the extended, fragmented chain without additional extensions. Businesses unprepared for these risks will fall behind competitors who saw change coming. Stay ahead of these supply chain disruptions with solutions for intelligent, digital supply chain control towers for end-to-end visibility and data-rich insight. With a supply chain control tower solution, you can anticipate and plan for disruption, creating resilience and giving yourself an edge over competitors.

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