Remote Monitoring Can Help Speed Re-Opening

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Remote Monitoring Can Help Speed Re-Opening

Everyone is asking some form of the same question: “When will we reopen?”

  • When will schools reopen?
  • When will we eat inside restaurants again?
  • When can I go back to the office safely?
  • Is it ok to go to the dentist?
  • Should I go to the doctor to get a physical?

These are all valid questions as the world grapples with the short and long-term implications of COVID-19, a novel virus that we still don’t know much about. Every day, leading public health institutions and experts discover new information about the coronavirus that affects how we perceive the ongoing pandemic.

Business owners, school administrators, physicians, and facility managers must take whatever steps necessary to provide safe spaces. This much is obvious. Fortunately, many are already moving in this direction with portable air purifiers and air purification services that serve as a proactive defense against COVID

How Can Remote Monitoring Help Speed Reopening?

Remote monitoring provides proof of indoor air quality, so organizational leaders can use it on air purifiers to make sure they are working the way they need to, in order to provide safe spaces that occupants expect.

With this technology, facilities managers can ensure air purifiers are on before, during, and after occupancy periods. Remote monitoring solutions can also track pressure drops and confirm that air exchange levels are sufficient to reduce viral load. Occupants can even track indoor air quality through remote monitoring. Air purifiers with remote monitoring provide the proof that leaders need to give future building occupants peace of mind. 

Remote monitoring is a win-win for everyone: organizational leaders can reopen businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities safely, and occupants can be sure they are breathing clean air when they step inside.


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