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People tend to gravitate towards the higher value assets – simply because they are critical to the core function of the business. And while improving their performance can have a big impact on the business, I’ve noticed a general trend:

Whether in the office or at manufacturing sites and other production facilities, the health and safety of workers dictate the success of daily operations. In today’s environment, unforeseen health and safety hazards pop up at a moment’s notice. For industrial companies, equipping your factory or manufacturing operations with the tools necessary to remotely monitor and control assets is crucial to

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement about Covid – 19 reaching pandemic levels triggered responses across the industrial world. In industrial manufacturing, shop floor activity hit its lowest levels since the Second World War and in many cases manufacturing facilities

Does your company struggle with maintaining SCADA systems, want more efficient services for your customers, or want to save money by having a company set-up a cloud-based remote monitoring solution? What is a remote monitoring system? Remote monitoring and controling system are