New business opportunities using IIoT and analytics

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IIoT and analytics

New business opportunities using IIoT and analytics

Today, manufacturers around the world are seeking new ways to meet market needs, improve products, optimize operations, increase revenues, and reduce costs and risk. Automation, digitalization, and the adoption of IIoT are important requirements for companies that wish to lower costs, drive new efficiencies, and find new business opportunities. The ever-changing landscape and shifting dynamics in today’s market has made the road to success more complex.

Organizations strive to meet aggressive production schedules and customer expectations, with success directly tied to the overall availability and reliability of capital assets; product quality; the performance efficiency, safety, and satisfaction of their workers; and customer satisfaction. Equipment and worker performance can make or break operations. Unplanned downtime due to equipment outages can mean missed commitments and millions in lost opportunity. Degradations in equipment performance and worker inefficiencies or errors can steal profits and inflict unnecessary costs.

There are many IIoT challenges and opportunities related to analytics.

This white paper outlines the current Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market landscape and key challenges that analytics can address. It introduces streaming analytics for IIoT, summarizes customer problems ideal for streaming analytics, and provides industry use cases to give life to these concepts. It is intended to provide a blueprint for how analytics can help deliver on the promise of IIoT.

With IIoT, a robust ecosystem can provide solutions that work together to solve manufacturers’ challenges. Siemens and SAS have recognized the complexity of these challenges and have partnered to provide IIoT and analytics capabilities in Siemens MindSphere. Leveraging streaming analytics both on the edge and in the cloud leads to the broadest set of opportunities for maximizing business value.


  • Market landscape and IIoT challenges
  • IIoT analytics
  • Streaming analytics for IIoT
  • IIoT and streaming analytics use cases
  • Siemens MindSphere and IIoT analytics
  • Siemens and SAS IIoT analytics partnership

This is an excerpt from the white paper written by Christoph Inauen, VP of Strategy for MindSphere at Siemens and Jason Mann, VP of IoT at SAS. 

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