How Manufacturers Are Responding With Health And Safety Policies

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How Manufacturers Are Responding With Health And Safety Policies

Manufacturers on a small and large scale are facing the unique position of maintaining production while quickly adapting to new protocols and policies that promote the health and safety of employees on the operating floor. The demand for essential products — most notably medical supplies and toilet paper — continues to mount and industries from food and beverage to metals and electronics continue to operate.

“Military/defense and consumer electronics, the two industries we primarily sell to, remain open and are considered essential, keeping our orders about the same,” said Adam Khan, CEO and Founder of AKHAN Semiconductor. “Since there is no slow down for these industries, we are continuing to have the same personnel on hand to fulfill our orders and meet the same deadlines.”

Large organizations, from Anheuser-Busch to Ford, have announced that they will begin producing essential supplies such as hand sanitizer, ventilators and other goods. In a statement of unity, many manufacturers have shifted operations to increase the supply of necessities, as well as keep their workforce employed.

On a smaller scale, manufacturers like Rogue Fitness, are shifting production to increase throughput of medical necessities. In a time where layoffs and furloughs are becoming the norm, Rogue Fitness announced publicly that it would not only be hiring but also “boosting wages by $2 an hour, so its hourly employees now start at $17 an hour.” By hiring, the company will be able to keep up with the increasing demand while giving back to the community. Owner Bill Henniger addressed these goals by saying, “We know that many people in Ohio are losing their jobs and we want to help.”

As many manufacturers adapt to an increase in demand products and work toward supporting local communities by hiring, the necessity to create a safe workspace is priority. Here are a few ways manufacturers are implementing these new protocols quickly to reach the ultimate goal of safety and throughput.

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Willem SundbladThis is an excerpt from an article published in Forbes by Willem Sundblad, CEO and Co-founder of Oden Technologies. Willem is a leading voice in Industrial IoT and is pioneering the use of real-time and predictive analytic tools that uncover untapped value. Recently named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Sundblad is working to transform the manufacturing industry by digitizing, analyzing and perfecting peak factory performance.