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Machine learning (ML) is becoming even more prevalent as manufacturers continue their journey towards Industry 4.0 and digitally transform their factories. It has the capacity to make production more efficient by increasing output while maintaining quality standards.  ML and industrial automation in manufacturing ML and


Manufacturers on a small and large scale are facing the unique position of maintaining production while quickly adapting to new protocols and policies that promote the health and safety of employees on the operating floor. The demand for essential products


Manufacturers today face a highly competitive environment with rising costs of materials and resources. The nominal price of steel, for example, has increased by 167% since the turn of the century while energy costs have climbed more than 2.5 times their prices in


Every day, another challenge arises and the growing impact of COVID-19 has left most companies rushing to implement new processes to minimize operational impact. Remote working has become the new norm; but for certain jobs, especially within the manufacturing industry,