Evolution of Quality. What’s next in digital era?

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Evolution of Quality. What’s next in digital era?

This e-book captures how quality concepts have evolved over the last century and explains how some common but proven quality tools are taking a new avatar in the current scenario with the evolution of digital technologies.

As the focus shifted from quality control to quality assurance, strengthening process quality became a key pillar of delivering a quality product. A data-driven approach by leveraging digital has evolved to strengthen quality across the value chain.

Quality management is becoming more effective by leveraging digital across the value chain. Digital has helped strengthen quality by working closely with suppliers, focusing on internal processes, and serving customers. Examples include:

  1. Automated and intelligent process for SQI (Supplier Quality Improvement)
  2. Digital Design of Experiments (DoE)
  3. Predictive Quality
  4. Remote Monitoring for Quality
  5. Proactive sensing to act before customers complain

Download this e-book by Hitachi to learn more about the above. Take a deep dive into:

  • Descriptive Quality Control
  • Predictive Quality Assurance
  • Prescriptive Quality Assurance

Check the use cases and understand how predictive process quality can reduce rework, learn about digital standard operation procedures, smart inspection system, or advance process control for prescriptive quality.

About the Authors

Ankur Chaudhary, Manager Consulting Services Manufacturing Practice – Hitachi Vantara

Sharad Nigam, Vice President, Strategic Growth & Smart Operations Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd

Ruchika Rathore, Sr. Consultant Research Services – Hitachi Vantara


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