Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing – one of the discussed subjects at Hannover Messe 2018

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Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing – one of the discussed subjects at Hannover Messe 2018

This year Cisco had a significant presence at Hannover Messe 2018. Customers and potential customers had the chance to walk through five booth zones, all of them being related to the Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing.

The five zones were focused on the following:

  • Connected factory network
  • Time-sensitive networking
  • Industrial cybersecurity
  • Data Management
  • Operational Excellence

A big topic was, as expected, industrial cybersecurity. Besides that, Cisco also showed upgrades to its Cisco Kinetic platform.

What is Cisco Kinetic?

One of the Cisco’s recent white papers explains what Cisco Kinetic is: a platform that enables manufacturers to maximize business value at every stage of the IoT data lifecycle, from the edge to the dashboard:

  • Streamline data extraction from controllers, machines, sensors, and connected devices to make data usable
  • Optimize data computing to filter and transform it, apply business rules, and perform distributed micro-processing from edge to endpoint
  • Control data movement programmatically to the right applications at the right time, and enforce governance policies for secure, reliable delivery.
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According to the same source, Cisco Kinetic provides simple, automated, secure data interactions to ensure you get the most out of your IoT data, and use it to optimize your business:

  • Reduce test time and calibration – Establish and record machine calibration data points to predict test results and calibration parameters.
  • Improve quality – Reduce the cost of producing scrap (bad parts) by identifying the cause for scrap and self-optimizing the assembly line.
  • Lower energy costs – Proactively monitor energy consumption to determine areas for cost reduction and view resource consumption by process.
  • Increase yield – Develop benchmark analysis across lines and plants to improve the first-pass yield and pinpoint causes of performance bottlenecks such as OEE or cycle time.
  • Perform predictive maintenance – Analyze machine health to identify top causes of failure and predict component failures to avoid unscheduled machine downtimes.

This short video explains briefly how Cisco Kinetic helps manufacturers. Take a look or read the last version of Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing white paper published by Cisco earlier this year.

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