Video: cybersecurity of the next generation smart grid

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Cybersecurity interview

Video: cybersecurity of the next generation smart grid

As technology advances accelerate and Industry 4.0 continues to assimilate more and more areas of the Industrial world, the energy sector has come into the limelight as one of the top three most attacked critical infrastructure sectors in the U.S.  With the addition of more digital technologies to power plants, opportunities for cyberattack are only going to continue to increase.  Join us as IIoT Word’s Chief Innovation Officer, Greg Orloff, takes a moment with Dee Kamata, Global Product Manager – Cyber Security & Collaborative Operations with ABB to explore this issue.

Questions addressed:

  1. What specific steps are available to protect energy sector assets from cyber-attack?
  2. How much of the cybersecurity challenge lies in technology versus the human side of the equation?
  3. What strategies and tactics can utilities leverage to ensure their security measures are meeting the needs of the next generation smart grid?
  4. Are standards keeping up with the pace of business and is there alignment between the national regional and international standards.

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Time to Watch: 13 minutes

Who should watch:  Utility Sector Decision Makers; Energy Production (Renewables, Nuclear, and Fossil Fuel); Water & Wastewater.