Digital Transformation for End-to-End Visibility in the Energy Industry

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Digital Transformation for End-to-End Visibility in the Energy Industry

One of the fundamental qualifications for digital transformation is the connectivity of devices and assets such as controllers, machines, products and even the operators along the entire value chain. Industries are building networks of seamlessly connected digital systems, and controlling and monitoring them over distributed control systems.

Digital Transformation for Visibility into Operations

With digital transformation, industries are improving safety, productivity and efficiency. To achieve operational performance, complete visibility and optimization of the operations is essential. In the digital enterprise, everything is connected. Information flows seamlessly between operational systems and enterprise systems, enabling newer capabilities such as predictive maintenance, process optimization and data-driven decision making.

Can digital transformation help the Oil & Gas industry, which is under pressure from alternate energy sources and low prices? 

Many oil and gas companies are leveraging digitalization to thrive in the phase of plummeting oil prices. Digitalization and IIoT are helping the oil, gas companies to get an end-to-end visibility of the performance with a granular view of their resources, and using the data and insights derived from them, draft quicker and better strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Oil and gas companies are looking at connecting the oil fields, refineries and the pipelines that will seamlessly share the information about the performance and process productivity to the next level, for improving efficiency, security and safety. They are also exploring collaborative and integrated operations with remote management to drive business continuity with reduced costs and digital transformation risks.

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G BalajiThis article was written by G Balaji. He is head of Energy Industries division in Industrial Automation, ABB India. He is also member of Country Management Committee that shapes critical management strategy. In his role as the head of Energy Industries, Balaji is driving digital transformation for many customers through co-innovation and co-creation with the customers. Balaji brings vast knowledge of Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Energy sector.