Insights from Eric Byres, CTO of aDolus, on the Biggest Threats and Emerging Trends

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Biggest Threats and Emerging Trends

Insights from Eric Byres, CTO of aDolus, on the Biggest Threats and Emerging Trends

Industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity is a growing concern as hackers target critical infrastructures. Eric Byers, CTO of aDolus, shared his thoughts on industrial cybersecurity challenges in this interview with Lucian Fogoros, Co-founder of IioT World. Byers emphasized that nation-state cyberattacks pose the greatest threat to critical infrastructure. While ransomware attacks can be devastating, highly focused and well-funded attackers could cause more significant damage if they go undetected. He cited the recent SolarWinds attack, where hackers leveraged a supply chain attack to target multiple organizations, as a prime example.

Supply chain attacks are among the most common tactics used by nation-state cyber attackers. They target a secondary supplier to modify the software to be used as a weapon against the intended victim. aDolus seeks to help organizations mitigate these risks by providing supply chain visibility. One of the most effective ways to protect critical infrastructures is to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, says Eric Byres.

Emerging technologies that can help improve industrial cybersecurity are another area of interest. Eric Byers is optimistic about the advancements in enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to process the vast amount of data generated by industrial control systems. Security professionals can make informed decisions on what vulnerabilities to prioritize with these technologies.

Natural language processing tools like GPT-3 could also enhance industrial cybersecurity. For example, aDolus’ cybersecurity tool uses an API interface to make decisions on vulnerabilities that affect products. This technology could be integrated with GPT-3 to make more informed decisions.

In conclusion, the threats facing industrial control systems cybersecurity are increasing. However, emerging technologies, such as enhanced machine learning, AI, and natural language processing, offer a glimmer of hope in the fight against cyberattacks. aDolus is among the firms working to provide solutions to the industrial cybersecurity problem. aDolus helps organizations mitigate cyber risks through supply chain visibility and vulnerability identification. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, more solutions will emerge to keep industrial control systems safe from cyberattacks.

This post was adapted with the assistance of ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.