Compliance versus Security: Managing Risk in an Evolving Digital World

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Compliance versus Security: Managing Risk in an Evolving Digital World

At the heart of the S4x24 conference in Miami, Jeff Brown, Regional Director, Operational Technology, Fortinet, shared his enthusiasm not only for the event but also for his upcoming participation in a panel at IIoT World Energy Day. This discussion, as Jeff outlined, is set to dive into the nuanced debate between security and compliance within the operational technology (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sectors—a topic that, while intricate, is fundamental to understanding the broader landscape of digital security.

Security vs. Compliance: A Crucial Distinction

Jeff highlighted a critical takeaway from S4x24 that resonates with the theme of his panel: the distinction between security and compliance. In an age where digital transformation is ubiquitous, this differentiation becomes even more significant. Compliance, as Jeff pointed out, does not equate to security. A system can meet all necessary regulatory requirements and still be vulnerable to cyber threats. This reality sets the stage for the panel’s discussion at IIoT World Energy Day, promising to unravel the complexities of ensuring robust security beyond mere compliance.

A Diverse Panel Offering Multiple Perspectives

What makes the upcoming session particularly intriguing is its diverse panel composition. The session aims to provide a holistic view of the security versus compliance debate. This variety of perspectives is not just beneficial but essential for a comprehensive understanding of how security measures can and should evolve in response to the dynamic threats facing OT and IIoT environments today.

Jeff’s previous experiences, like the one at DistribuTECH, have shown that such discussions can generate valuable insights and stimulate a broader conversation about effective cybersecurity strategies. By bringing together different voices from within the industry, the panel promises to offer a rich dialogue that can enlighten attendees on the practical and theoretical aspects of OT and IIoT security.

Anticipated Takeaways for the Audience

For those planning to attend the session, Jeff forecasts a critical revelation: compliance is just the beginning of the cybersecurity journey. The discussion aims to shed light on the additional steps organizations must take to achieve true security. It’s not solely about the technical solutions but also about the strategic approach to cybersecurity, emphasizing that meeting compliance standards is not sufficient to ensure the safety of critical infrastructure.

With IIoT World Energy Day on March 14th fast approaching, this session represents a pivotal opportunity for professionals in the energy sector and beyond to deepen their understanding of the challenges and solutions at the intersection of security and compliance in the digital era. Today is the last day you can register at no cost for the event using this link.

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