Accelerating Digitalization and Innovation in Battery Manufacturing

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Accelerating Digitalization and Innovation in Battery Manufacturing

As the world moves towards greater digitalization and the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology), the battery manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant shift towards smarter manufacturing processes. In a recent interview with Brenda Discher, SVP, Business Strategy & Marketing from Siemens, we found out a few things.

One key takeaway from Siemens’ interactions with customers is the urgency to embrace digitalization in the battery manufacturing industry. With a lot of topics showcased at Hannover Messe, Siemens has been demonstrating how its software tools can enable battery manufacturers to design, optimize, simulate, and manufacture batteries more efficiently and sustainably. This aligns with the growing demand for circular economy practices, where the entire lifecycle of a battery, including design, manufacturing, and recycling, needs to be considered.

One of the highlights of Siemens’ exhibit is a student team from a University in Germany that collaborates with Siemens on battery cell design research. This collaboration allows Siemens to bring cutting-edge research into their solutions and provides students with access to Siemens’ software tools for design, additive manufacturing, optimization, and simulation. This empowers students to develop digital skills and expertise in a real-world context, preparing them for the workforce with hands-on experience using industry-leading technologies.

By leveraging their expertise in IT and OT, Siemens is driving the digitalization and innovation in battery manufacturing, providing solutions and opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge that are relevant to the industry’s evolving needs. As the battery industry continues to shift towards electronics and sustainable practices, Siemens remains at the forefront, supporting customers and students alike in their pursuit of cutting-edge solutions for smarter battery manufacturing.

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