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To keep up with the speed of digital business, more organizations are looking to bring together information technology, which manages data, and operational technology, which handles manufacturing and industrial equipment. Bridging IT and OT departments can help improve productivity and

Defending critical infrastructure environments requires 360-degree visibility into asset and network vulnerabilities Vulnerability management teams often face difficulties in patching all of their systems on a timely basis. This is true for traditional OT devices such as HMIs, PLCs, etc. But

Operational Technology (OT) has become a heightened target for cybersecurity attacks. The need to address OT (operational technology) cyber risks has never been greater. New threats are emerging every day – both targeted as well as untargeted collateral damage risks.

Many predictions from ten years ago about a rapid rise in cyber-physical attacks did not come true. Certainly, there has been significant financial damage to many firms resulting from powerful intrusions and attacks. However, relative to the IT world, OT

Know how an IT attack can impact OT, build clear incident response gameplay, and prioritize risks to ensure as little impact on operations as possible in case of emergency.  Well-defined maps of potential threats and impacts. One of the biggest

Vulnerability Management in OT or ICS cyber security is a challenge, but with an actionable strategy and existing IT/ OT cyber security tools, we can make a significant difference. What is OT/ICS vulnerability management? Vulnerability management in OT/ICS security is the process

Re-Emagineering the CyberSecurity driven convergence of OT to IIOT The exploitation and sabotage of resources has been a concern to mission critical operations since the dawn of the industrial age. With the advancement of Information Technology (IT), opportunities to compromise, corrupt

Since the mid-1990s, many industrial companies have interconnected their industrial control systems (ICSs) to improve productivity, maintenance, and safety in the operational environment. Some of this interconnectivity was to  the Internet.  While, this connectivity helped to improved the efficiency, security

Control system cyber security is different than IT and requires an understanding of issues unique to control systems. It is time to discuss the validity of cybersecurity policies for control system environments. Cybersecurity policy has been based on preventing malicious attacks