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A database on the edge can open doors to enhanced IT and OT operations. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are no longer vague concepts. They are part of a movement that is transforming

Understanding Operational Technology (OT) Operational technology (OT) uses hardware and software to manage industrial equipment and systems. OT controls high-tech specialist systems, like those found in the energy, industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas, robotics, telecommunications, waste control, and water control industries. Industrial

There are many significant technology-enabled changes taking place in industrial environments today. Smart factories and Industry 4.0. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). All of these things are introducing digital

Some of the OT security best practices for implementing a reliable protection system include: Network mapping and connectivity analysis Detection of suspicious activities, exposures, and malware attacks Implementing a zero-trust framework Aligning the right remote access tools Controlling identity and access management (IAM) Network Mapping

Ransomware attacks against operational technology (OT) are increasing, spurred on by the convergence of IT and OT networks and the accessibility of attack kits available on the dark web. Over the last two years, the range of targets that represent operational technology

Modern enterprises are faced with pressures for accelerated digitalization while effectively using data from and across their systems. Attend this session to watch a live demo led by industry experts and see how IT/OT data systems can be seamlessly integrated

For years, operational technology (OT) systems have been working to control everything from factories to transportation networks to utilities. But the reality is that most citizens don't think about these systems until there's a problem. That's why the attack against Colonial Pipeline in

To keep up with the speed of digital business, more organizations are looking to bring together information technology, which manages data, and operational technology, which handles manufacturing and industrial equipment. Bridging IT and OT departments can help improve productivity and

Defending critical infrastructure environments requires 360-degree visibility into asset and network vulnerabilities Vulnerability management teams often face difficulties in patching all of their systems on a timely basis. This is true for traditional OT devices such as HMIs, PLCs, etc. But