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Digitalization holds great promise for the power generation industry. However, a range of internal and market challenges can constrain its effective uptake and implementation for those early in the digital journey. Digitalization can play an important role in solving a

Cybersecurity experts agree: Cyberattacks are the new reality for utility companies. On Jan. 10th, 2018, a major power outage hits the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas. For nearly two hours, participants were reminded that without electricity, the digital economy would

Last month, together with my business partner in IIoT World, Carolina Rudinschi, PhD,  I attended the opening of ABB’s latest Global Collaborative Operations Center in Genoa, Italy, an event that brought together 30+ analysts and  50+ customers from all over

One in five power plants will become digital plants by 2025, a Capgemini’s report predicts. Back in 2016, the maturity of digital initiatives in the industry varied: from projects that were leveraging advanced analytics to optimize assets; and the widespread