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At the industrial and domestic scale, both direct and indirect emission constitutes the contaminated carbon particles that will ultimately lead to atmospheric pollution i.e. most commonly known as greenhouse gases (GHG’s). Direct emission is concerned with the fuel-burning byproducts that

The onset of COVID-19 has shined a stark spotlight on a previously complacent attitude to workplace health and safety. Amidst spiralling infection rates and provincial lockdowns, long-standing workplace safety procedures have been strained under the impact of an invisible and

The traditional industrial terms of digital technology and environmental sustainability are not intertwined and the compelling factors remain unrelated. Sustainability through Industry 4.0 contribute to developing a better understanding of Industry 4.0 elements and the advanced technologies, considering the key

Right now, more than 500 million people globally are facing acute drought water shortages. Cape Town, South Africa, working around the clock to complete massive desalination plants, faces the imminent threat of its four million taps running dry. Nearby towns have