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At the Hanover Messe 2024 preview, industry experts gathered to discuss the transformative role of artificial intelligence and automation in shaping the future of industrial production. Recognizing that sustainability now means using renewable resources and eliminating fossil fuels, the key topics

It is no secret that the process industry is undergoing massive changes, with a wide range of challenges that companies must overcome in order to remain competitive and meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. As the CEO of

This report examines the data from a survey of more than 600 companies conducted by 451 Research and commissioned by Hitachi Vantara on the application of Industry 4.0 approaches in manufacturing, transportation and energy, to explore the maturity of digital

Sustainability has been on the edge of conversations for a long time as companies have been trying to see what it means. It has now moved from being a moral imperative to a business imperative, and effectively, it’s an imperative

Data centres consume an estimated 200 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy each year–more than the energy consumption of some countries. They also produce an estimated 2% of all global CO2 emissions. These figures are both staggering and seemingly despairing–after all,

Most of Novartis’s manufacturing facilities recover, recycle and re-use solvents, and the precious metal catalysts known to have a high greenhouse gas impact. In the case of two pilot compounds, Novartis was able to demonstrate a recovery rate of up to

It starts to become clearer and clearer the connection between artificial intelligence and sustainability. AI is on its way to help the world become more sustainable and that is no different for the manufacturing industry. Necessarily, the road implies addressing

At the industrial and domestic scale, both direct and indirect emission constitutes the contaminated carbon particles that will ultimately lead to atmospheric pollution i.e. most commonly known as greenhouse gases (GHG’s). Direct emission is concerned with the fuel-burning byproducts that

The onset of COVID-19 has shined a stark spotlight on a previously complacent attitude to workplace health and safety. Amidst spiralling infection rates and provincial lockdowns, long-standing workplace safety procedures have been strained under the impact of an invisible and