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A good portion of existing operational technology (OT) networks were originally built during the air gap days, where isolation from other enterprise systems made for sufficient security. As digital transformation initiatives drive IT and OT networks towards convergence, the result

As recent cyberattacks have demonstrated increased risk to both IT and operational technology (OT) environments, resilience readiness today has evolved. It is more than a cybersecurity strategy and involves the enforcement of rules and policies that provide the visibility, control,

Earlier this year, a colleague of mine and I were on our way to the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. Although we made our connecting flights, a couple of minutes after deplaning, we received emails and texts from the airline informing

A new report on Operational Technology (OT) equipment flaws from automated cybersecurity software company Forescout outlines the alarming state of OT security. The report titled OT:ICEFALL was crafted by researchers at the company’s Vedere lab. It breaks down 56 vulnerabilities

A database on the edge can open doors to enhanced IT and OT operations. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are no longer vague concepts. They are part of a movement that is transforming

What is OT? Understanding Operational Technology (OT) Operational Technology (OT) refers to the technology and systems used to monitor, control, and manage physical processes and devices in various industrial and infrastructure sectors. Operational technology (OT) uses hardware and software to manage

There are many significant technology-enabled changes taking place in industrial environments today. Smart factories and Industry 4.0. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). All of these things are introducing digital

Some of the OT security best practices for implementing a reliable protection system include: Network mapping and connectivity analysis Detection of suspicious activities, exposures, and malware attacks Implementing a zero-trust framework Aligning the right remote access tools Controlling identity and access management (IAM) Network Mapping

Ransomware attacks against operational technology (OT) are increasing, spurred on by the convergence of IT and OT networks and the accessibility of attack kits available on the dark web. Over the last two years, the range of targets that represent operational technology