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Four major industrial revolutions have occurred in the last few centuries with each revolution contributing to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency of the manufacturing process. Transition time between these revolutions has decreased drastically (Figure 1). As newer technologies emerge and

Industry 4.0 is all about new technology. Here’s how to prepare your machining processes for the next industrial revolution. Machining Processes Overview You have probably heard that we’re entering the next “industrial revolution” – Industry 4.0. Like the three that came before

Note: Part 1 of Digital Transformation Case Studies can be found here. Case Study #3: Tastitalia connects a different kind of industrial machine to the Internet of Things   Tastitalia, an Italian company that creates customized solutions for human-machine interfaces, managed to control

Why the manufacturing industry needs communication standards The digital transformation has been underway on factory floors for some time now. As digital technologies emerges as a key factor for remaining competitive, the need for change gains focus. The sheer complexity of