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Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer, HighByte

Torey Penrod-Cambra is the Chief Communications Officer of HighByte, focused on the company's messaging strategy, market presence, and ability to operationalize. Her areas of responsibility include marketing, public relations, analyst relations, investor relations, and people operations.

Torey is a marketing professional with nearly 15 years of experience creating compelling brand experiences that drive customer acquisition and expansion in highly technical environments. Torey’s career began with a focus on biotechnology and international pharmaceutical product launches, and then evolved into a fast-climbing career in B2B industrial software. She is passionate about securing equal STEM opportunities for women, and excited by the potential of the Internet of Things in industrial environments.

Torey applies an analytical, data-driven approach to marketing that reflects her academic achievements in both chemistry and ethics. Torey received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and has completed post-graduate studies in Medical Ethics at the University of Pittsburgh.


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